Successful Engagement and Integration of New Compliance Program Staff

June 7, 2024

By Sarah Couture (Principal at Couture Consulting LLC in Indianapolis, IN.)

Originally Posted on: Compliance Cosmos

A compliance program can increase effectiveness by intentionally developing compliance program staff. This is especially true for those compliance program staff who are new to our teams and/or who may be new to compliance. When we successfully engage, onboard, and develop our staff, they will be better prepared to perform their roles more quickly and effectively within our compliance programs and organizations. In addition to better implementation of the program, prioritization of new team member engagement and development also contributes to staff retention and satisfaction, further enhancing program effectiveness.

Develop and document an intentional approach for onboarding new compliance team members. Start with an onboarding plan template for consistency. Each personalized plan should first include getting to know the new hire. Where have they been? Where do they want to go? Do they know what they need to get there?

Continue having personal connections with new hires. Depending on the size of the compliance program, this may involve assigning work buddies or mentors to participate (which also helps this person develop) and at least quarterly touchpoints with the chief compliance officer. These regular conversations continue to establish rapport, gauge progress, adjust the development plan, and get feedback on the compliance program and the onboarding approach.

Formulate and implement an onboarding and integration plan based on the person’s experience, new role, and goals. Routinely document the plan and include specific milestones to ensure everyone is on the same page. Expose the new hire to a variety of personnel around the organization. Based on the role, this may include risk area leaders, managers, and/or department team members. Set up introductions where appropriate, and begin inviting the new hires to meetings where they can observe and learn about the players and how the organization works. From the start, involve the new hire in a wide variety of program efforts that are germane to their roles. This will help promote an early understanding of how the compliance program works and how it functions in the organization—balancing the pace of exposure and integration for all new staff, particularly those new to our organization and who may also be new to compliance.

Provide enough work and new experiences to engage and integrate, but not so many as to overwhelm. Prioritize ongoing communication to strike this balance. After onboarding, engage this person to help assimilate a future new hire.

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