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Elevate your compliance program's effectiveness with our carefully tailored compliance solutions.
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What’s preventing your compliance program from being effective?

Whether you need extra support or interim services, an assessment of your program’s effectiveness, or development and implementation of a new program, we’ll help ensure your program is effective and working to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse.

Develop and implement an effective compliance program.

Risk-Based Approach: Ensure your program is oriented around your organization’s prioritized compliance risks.
Engage Operations: Develop a strategy and approach for working with and effectively engaging operations in compliance.
Implement an Effective Program: Prioritize and pursue effectiveness to mitigate risk and bring value to the organization.
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Your problem is our priority.

Bringing over 22 years of healthcare experience to prioritize and solve your compliance challenges.
Exceptional Healthcare: With over 22 years of healthcare experience, we understand healthcare organizations and their compliance programs.
Successful Record: Our track record speaks volumes—over a decade of successfully managing and mitigating compliance risks for healthcare providers.
Proven Methods: You can trust our proven methods; we've consistently delivered tailored, pragmatic solutions for thriving healthcare compliance programs.

Your roadmap to success.


Schedule a free personalized needs discussion. This initial contact will ensure we understand your unique compliance requirements and set the stage for tailored solutions.


We'll collaborate on a custom plan to address your compliance program needs. This phase ensures that every aspect is considered, and you receive a solution perfectly aligned with your objectives.


Together, we will move forward with the plan to keep your compliance program pursuing your goals. Our hands-on approach ensures a seamless transition from planning to execution, delivering the results you desire.

We can help with your compliance needs.

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Effectiveness Assessment

We'll provide an assessment of your program to ensure it is structured and performing in accordance with government guidance and industry standards.
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Implementation Support

Safeguard your organization from transitional challenges by securing qualified interim or fractional staff, or engage us to assist with audits, investigations, risk assessment and work plan development, or other compliance program initiatives.
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Program Development

We can help you with compliance program strategy, design, construction, and revitalization.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of proactive and reactive compliance program services, including but not limited to

  • Compliance program strategy, design, and innovation
  • Compliance program development
  • Compliance program effectiveness assessments
  • Compliance risk assessment and/or work plan development
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM) risk assessment and/or program development
  • Interim and/or fractional staffing
  • Education and training development and delivery
  • Policy and procedure evaluation and/or development
  • Auditing
  • Investigations
  • Coding and billing audits
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security assessments, staffing, or program development
  • Diligence services
  • Quality, safety, and accreditation services
  • Healthcare operations and service line strategy and implementation

Are your services provided onsite or virtually?

Services can be provided onsite, virtually or in a hybrid fashion. This will be determined based on client preference and the nature of the engagement.

What is your project process?

Each project begins with a “discovery call,” where we discuss your overall needs and goals, and work together to develop an advisory solution that fits your organization’s needs and budget.

A scope of work and fee approach is developed and agreed upon through signing an engagement letter.

The project begins with a kickoff call with the engagement team to ensure all understand the scope of work, project process, and logistics like timing, document sharing, communication plan and cadence, etc.

The engagement begins and is implemented in accordance with the scope of work, whether interim services, assessment, audit, etc.

Deliverables, if applicable, are drafted and presented for discussion prior to finalization.

Final deliverables are presented and project is closed, or, the engagement can transition to ongoing and/or as needed support.

What kind of deliverables can I expect?

Deliverables are determined by the nature of the project and client needs.

Who performs the work?

Work will be overseen and performed by Sarah Couture in collaboration with seasoned experts, as needed and depending on the nature of the engagement.

What is your approach to fees?

Fee structures are tailored to each client and engagement and may consist of hourly fees, flat fees, and/or monthly subscription fees.

How long do projects take?

Project length is determined by the nature and goals of each engagement. Interim or fractional staffing engagements may last for weeks or months, while assessments may take as little as 6-8 weeks.

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